MB – English

Borgarfjordur High School (MB) is an upper secondary school founded in 2007 located in Borgarnes. From the beginning  the school went different paths and distinguished itself from other schools. We use formative assessment and in every five weeks we give all students feedback on their work in all courses. The school has been involved in curriculum development and is currently implementing a new curriculum which promotes student work in the future (The 4th Industrial revolution).

The school mostly consists of students 16-20 years of age. MB is a personal school and holds now a student population of 190 people (70 online learners) mostly from Borgarnes region.

Programs in MB are mainly four; Science, Sociology, Sports and Open program. For more information see Educational programs in MB 2023

Our students graduate with University Entrance Exam and are qualified to enter universities in Iceland and abroad. Their academic achievement has confirmed that MB is an excellent high school.

An integral part of the school is the social life which is organized and conducted by students themselves. An ambitious and active participation in social life along with esteemed academic education is an essential part of the upbringing of young people.

Location; Borgarnes is on the west coast of the island (one hour drive from Reykjavik).

For more information please contact us at menntaborg@menntaborg.is

The Icelandic National Curriculum Guide for Upper Secondary Schools